Company Mustela       Center of pharmaceutical and medical researches

About the company

What is a pharmacy cosmetics "Mustela-Talir"?

  • this treatment - cosmetics, foundation of which is finely divided emulsion of oil holes and multivitamins vegetable origin;
  • it Cosmetics, which is produced by the same health standards and regulations, as dosage forms in the pharmaceutical environment;
  • this 20-year experience with medical - cosmetic products for the prevention and treatment of more than 4 million patients in virtually all areas of medicine in Russia and CIS countries;
  • collection of pharmaceutical cosmetics "Mustela - Talir" - a wide range of medical - cosmetic products for daily care of all types of skin;
  • this treatment - cosmetics to effectively address not only skin diseases, but also to solve the problem of premature aging of the skin;
  • drugstore cosmetics "Mustela - Talir" nothing behind world standards, and often superior.


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